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Teleflex to Present Innovative Vascular Access Technologies at World Congress on Vascular Access 2018 (“WoCoVA”), in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 20th – 22nd

WAYNE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 20, 2018-- Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE: TFX) will present at the World Congress on Vascular Access 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 20th to June 22nd. Teleflex’s theme will be Right Line, Right Patient, Right Time™. Teleflex will feature Arrowg+ard Blue Advance™ Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC). In addition, Teleflex will showcase the Arrow® VPS Rhythm™ Device.

The Arrow® VPS Rhythm™ Device provides ECG-based tip confirmation in a highly portable, lightweight and versatile design (the system can be used in combination with every type of central venous access). The Arrow® VPS Rhythm™ Device with ECG Technology assists in placement and confirmation of the catheter tip in the SVC-CAJ (superior vena cava-cavoatrial junction), and may be used with a broad range of catheter types.

When paired with the TipTracker™ Stylet, the Arrow® VPS Rhythm™ Device with TipTracker™ Technology provides real-time catheter navigation of a PICC and ECG-based tip positioning, with a visual blue line that tracks along the catheter pathway.

Arrowg+ard Blue Advance™ Protection (formerly branded as Arrow® Chlorag+ard Technology) is the 3rd generation of chlorhexidine-based protective treatment from Teleflex. Teleflex recently announced the rebranding of all Arrow® Chlorag+ard Technology products, which will going forward be known as Arrowg+ard Blue Advance™ Products. This change affects all PICC, JACC, and Midline products with Arrow® Chlorag+ard Technology. Although the brand name is changing, there is no change to the design, specifications, manufacturing process, intended use, product number or packaging of these products. As shown in in vivo and in vitro studies, Arrowg+ard Blue Advance™ Protection provides protection against thrombus accumulation on the catheter surface (92% reduction in fibrin sheath formation on catheter surfaces in an in vivo ovine model when challenged with staphylococcus aureus),1 reduced intraluminal thrombotic occlusion3 and protection against bacterial colonization (99.99% catheter colonization reduction in Gram positive and Gram bacteria, and fungal pathogens in an in vitro study)2. Arrowg+ard Blue Advance™ Catheters provide protection for at least 30 days.

These innovative products join our market-leading products, Arrowg+ard Blue™CVCs, antimicrobial treated central venous catheters, and the Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Access System enabling clinicians to expand their options when choosing the Right Line for the Right Patient at the Right Time.

Participants in the Congress will have the opportunity to be introduced to Teleflex Academy, an innovative clinical education platform incorporating interactive online learning, live courses and other educational offerings. In-booth educational programs at the Congress will focus on aspects of vascular access designed to inspire confidence, enhance skills and enable clinicians to make an even bigger difference in patient’s lives. Teleflex believes that quality clinical education is the first step in fostering the expansion of skills to shape clinical practice.

Throughout the Congress, Teleflex will host several educational sessions presented by their clinical team. These presentations will take place from Wednesday 20th through Friday 22nd June. Presentations include – “Device selection: Right Line Right Vein”; “Use of the Arrow® EZ-IO® System in the Pre-Arrest Patient” and “Clinical Benefits of Intracavitary ECG & Navigation”.

About Teleflex Incorporated

Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives. We apply purpose driven innovation – a relentless pursuit of identifying unmet clinical needs – to benefit patients and healthcare providers. Our portfolio is diverse, with solutions in the fields of vascular and interventional access, surgical, anesthesia, cardiac care, urology, emergency medicine and respiratory care. Teleflex employees worldwide are united in the understanding that what we do every day makes a difference. For more information, please visit

Teleflex is the home of Arrow®, Deknatel®, Hudson RCI®, LMA®, Pilling®, Rüsch® and Weck® – trusted brands united by a common sense of purpose.

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1. As compared to uncoated PICCs, intravascular ovine model inoculated with Staph aureus. No correlation between in vitro / in vivo testing methods and clinical outcomes have currently been ascertained.
2. In vitro data on file 2010. No correlation between in vitro / in vivo testing methods and clinical outcomes have currently been ascertained.
3. As compared to uncoated PICCs, in vitro model measuring flush pressure post exposure to human blood. No correlation between in vitro / in vivo testing methods and clinical outcomes have currently been ascertained.
4. As compared to uncoated PICCs, intravascular ovine model. No correlation between in vitro / in vivo testing methods and clinical outcomes have currently been ascertained.

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